Crowdfunding Gets Zombified


When thinking of conventional, the last person that comes to mind is Rob Zombie. From his new take on the coveted Halloween series to the vile storyline in the House of 1000 corpses franchise; Zombie is anything but your conventional filmmaker. So it would make sense if someone like Rob Zombie would crowdfund, he would stray away from your Kickstarter’s and your Indiegogo’s. Zombie has a killer clown concept for a film called “31.” If anyone knows anything about Rob, this is right up his alley and will not be for the squeamish moviegoer.


Rob Zombie started out as a rock musician in the mid 1980’s. After a successful run in the music game, Zombie turned to directing films. His first big success was in 2003 with the cult hit House of 1,000 Corpses. Then he followed that up with the sequel, The Devils’ Rejects. Both films, although critically reviewed were both somewhat financial successes. Zombie has also done a very dark and gory take on the Halloween series as well as films based off his comic book series. So what does Rob Zombie have in store for us with 31 and what crazy Rob Zombie crowdfunding scheme is the former rocker up to?

Rob Zombie has always been known as a daring and innovative filmmaker. Because of this, it is not a surprise that he has turned to crowdfunding to help finance his latest project. The story is a horror film about a psychotic killer clown, and Zombie hopes to return to the gritty filmmaking style that his fans love him for. The director is offering props from some of his hit films as incentives for his backers. One lucky fan will get a “Lifetime Laminate” to Rob Zombie concerts, allowing lifetime access to shows. Zombie says that embracing crowdfunding is perfect for a project like this because “No one will give you the money to make movies like [this] anymore.” For an artist that has a huge cult following from his movies and music, turning to the internet for film financing seems like a no-brainer.

Why use Fanbacked and not one of the several already popular crowd funding site? It’s simple and can be summed up in this quote from Fanbacked; “Because platforms don’t drive contributions. Fans do.” This site is for entertainment productions only and based around the fans of popular artist. Whether it’s movies, music, or video games. Over the past 30+ years Rob Zombie has created a rather large fan base. Whether its those interested in his music which started his career or his writing and directing of movies. This being said this would be a great reason why he would use this site. Fanbacked also allows the creator of the campaign to added perks for those who donate but a cool feature they have that the other sites lack is rewards from the site itself. Fanbacked gives it uses various status of their fandom. Based on how many projects they’ve contributed to they can work their way to becoming a “Super Fan.” Since these projects are for big named artist the rewards they offer exceed the quality of those on the other sites.

So the picture 31 looks to be one of Zombie’s goriest flicks to date. And since crowdfunding has almost become a celebrity’s game where fan interaction is pushed but never actually seen. Rob looks to change the game from just getting a signed copy of the script or special thanks on a website. Great innovation always comes from the most unconventional people. There’s Albert Einstein with his theory of relativity, Stephen Hawkins with his ingenious cosmos knowledge and now Rob Zombie with crowdfundng. The phrase blood is on your hands now has a new meaning for 31’s contributors, just how Mr. Zombie likes it.



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