10685222_10152644394062394_110412072_n“Mr. Morgan Spurlock”

Oh man, I’m so excited for fall when I can finally buy a Pumpkin Spice Latte. CACHING. I just made money name-dropping a product. Not really. But it’s possible to do it in your film. Product placement is an advertisement technique used to subtly promote products in films, television or media. Recently there has been a very noticeable approach to product placement with big names in the business. Not only in films but in music videos from artists like Lady Gaga to Beyonce and new comers like Ariana Grande.

Everybody wants to get in on it. So what does product placement bring to your production? You can either get compensation in the form of products or cash to finance your film. For product compensation, maybe you want your character to drink a specific type of soda: FULL SAIL POP. You have your people call their people and you get a deal. You use their soda in the film and as compensation all cast and crew get a nice supply of samples for free. Now, getting financial compensation is where the money is (Pun very intended). This is where an agency would pay YOU to have their product in your film. Very high grossing films with a huge production value have these product placements. For example, It is reported that Ford paid $45,000 for having their car in a James Bond film. So there you go. Get yourself an invincible character with a nice car and a distinctive taste in the way he wants his drink made and you got yourself a product placement. Cheers.



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