3 essential tips to sell your film yourself.

You have finished your first feature film. Do you sit back put your feet up? No. Money doesn’t grow on trees kids so get those shoes of the desk and start calling some people.


Selling your film is an essential process of the film. Not only do you want your film to be seen by people, it would be great to make some money too. In the old days you would have a film and get in touch with a distribution company in order to get your film to the masses. Fast-forward to today and a few things have changed (no luck on flying skateboards yet) the middle man is starting to be jumped. Filmmakers are going directly to their audience via social media. Online social networking has opened a gap of communication to go directly to the audiences. Here are a few things to help you distribute your film yourself.

  • Create a website that’s minimalist and informative. Fireworks and balloon animals are distracting and seem desperate.
  • Create a uniform look. Stick to a specific color palette and the same typography for all your work. This helps the audience identify and recognize your promotional stuff with ease.
  • Keep the audience up to date. Maintain your social networks with your latest information about the film all the time. Create share buttons, tweets and bookmarks so your audiences can get their friends on board as well.

If you want to know more. Visit http://www.filmmakingstuff.com/how-to-sell-your-movie-25-part-checklist/  for an extensive checklist for distributing your film.

Also, If you are interested in learning about the lies and myths about film distribution, you should definitely check this article by Jerome Courshon, http://www.writersstore.com/6-lies-of-film-distribution/

Now go make some money!


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