Negotiating a good deal for your film’s licensing.

“Let’s shake on it”

Just in case.


In order to negotiate properly and not find yourself in a face in palm situation, here are a few question to ask yourself when creating a film agreement.

What is the price of the license?

Search minimums for licensing films in general so you have an idea of how much to ask for.

How long do you want that license to last? One year? a million? Set a date that will benefit the buyer and yourself.

crocheted_world_map_by_catflyhigh-d66x9hpWhat Territory is the License effective in?

Do you want to sell it domestically or world wide?

harry-wormwoodTo whom will you allow that license to translate? Do you want it to be exclusive or have more than one buyer?

If you have a partner, how will the earnings be divided?

Ideally, you should have a lawyer to deal with these details. But, before going into business it’s good to identify and know a little more about what you’re getting into in order to be satisfied with the deals being made.

These questions are just the starting point of agreements to take in consideration before marketing your film. If you want to read a more elaborate breakdown of potential negotiations check out this website:

For much more information about legal terms and documents for filmmakers heres a really good book to get you more knowledgeable about the subject:


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