The old approach to making films, both Hollywood and Indie, are fading away. Creative filmmakers are having to find new ways to fund, produce, and distribute film. Those who don’t HAVE to, have already been pioneering affordable filmmaking alternatives because they could see the cultural shift emerging from within a struggling, though very traditional business model.
Of all the ways to create great stories to share with the world, one of the most problematic is the video-capture platform itself. If you want to be competitive, you need a good camera – period. The problem here is that a “good” camera can be anywhere from $5000 dollars to $30,000 (or more, depending on your perceived needs and who you talk to).
But Apple may have just upped the ante (or lowered it as the case may be) with it’s newest technological version of the iconic iPhone. Specifically, the iPhone 6 and 6 plus. For the purpose of this article, I am going to focus on the 6 plus.
With a 1080+ screen resolution, advanced optical stabilization and high ios range noise cancelation, the 6 plus just made a serious bid as an already tested weapon of choice for filmmakers.Cam
With the iPhone 5 having already broke ground as a camera platform for short and feature length films alike, the 6’s notable improvements and other upgrades such as 128 Gb storage capability, adaptable lens mount hardware, increased monitor size and the plethora of free and affordable editing software apps available, this could quite possibly be one of the best Indie assets to hit the market in decades.
For a great demonstration of the i5’s capabilities and what to expect from the 6, view Ricky Fosheim’s video at
Already being tested, the i6 plus is building a well earned reputation for being a dependable camera where other cameras simply cannot go; those small corners, even unobtrusively invading personal space. It is literally a camera in your pocket ready-to-go. If you want the additional lens mount, you have about 60 seconds until you are set up and ready to shoot. That is amazing!
Visit to see test footage of the 6 plus in action.
There are challenges for the 6 plus to overcome, like lens flare and optical light shadowing, but so far, these problems are minimal – at least no more than you would have with any other camera system.
While nothing can be perfect, for the money, Apple just gave us a true contender for our already limited resources. In an industry saturated with fund-draining needs, Apple reinvented a platform that will propel a lot more storytellers toward that ultimate goal. For those with limited budgets, Apple has opened the door; for those with ample budget, Apple has made the inroad a little wider with the opportunity to spend money in better places for distribution and creativity.
For more exciting info about the i6 and movie making


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