The Lazarus Effect

When you think of horror movies what month do you think of? If you said October, you’d be wrong this year. RelativityThe distribution company, behind The Lazurus Effect produced by Jason Blum, has decided against releasing the low budget horror in October. Instead they are releasing it on the 27th of February up against competing thriller Lluís Quílez’s Out of the Dark and action movies like Joe Lynch’s Everly and Glenn Ficarra’s and John Requa’s Focus starring Will Smith. The distribution team behind The Lazarus Effect likely has a number of reasons for this move, which may prove to be a good one.

The chief amongst those reasons is likely the other horror releases happening in October. Considering The Lazarus Effect is a lower budget film it would be unwise to put it up against a blockbuster horror film such as the new Paranormal Activity film or a remake of a horror classics like the Frankenstein remake. On the weekend of the 27th of February, on the other hand the only other horror film being released, Out Of The Dark, looks like the familiar story of a family moving into a haunted house. The producers for The Lazarus Effect claim in the IGN aticle 10 Horror movies to watch in 2015 (, that it is a unique take on a classic horror premise of bring someone back from the dead. They may be banking on that uniqueness to push it over the top. By staying away from an already crowded month The Lazarus Effect ensures that its film will not get lost in the shadow of other, better-funded titles.

Another reason for the release date change could perhaps be the distribution company Relativity trying to duplicate the results of their horror film Oculus ( They released the $5 million budget film in April 2014 and grossed more than $44 million at the box office. They have also upped the ante by using award winning actress Olivia Wilde and Grammy nominated rapper, comedian, actor and writer Donald Glover to boost the film’s drawing power. Whatever the reason, we will soon find out if the schedule will work in the films favor in a few weeks.




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