Getting Your First Job In The Film Industry

New to the industry? Just graduated from film school and looking for a job in your field? Looking for that job to get your foot in the door? Well you’re not alone. Many recent grads and people who are new to the industry go through the taxing process of finding that first gig to be a `part of the industry they love. Thanks to the Internet finding a job opening is just one click away. But there are many websites out there and it can be overwhelming at times. The Raindance Film Festival’s website ( provides a list of job finder websites that can help you find your first career opportunity in the entertainment industry.


  • is a site that helps directors, labels, managers, and artists get in touch with one another to produce music videos. They also offer a director development plan to help new directors learn about pitching, producing a music video, editing and interpersonal skills.



This site provides a very broad and wide reaching search engine for a plethora of varying film production positions including casting for the for the project as well as the working crew. You can also sign up and create a membership.


  • indeed.  com

While Indeed is not specifically an entertainment industry job site, it has a very wide search and allows you to use keywords to search for specific jobs and locations.


Obviously there are a lot more job search sites out there. These were three that we chose. When looking for your first job, always remember to approach each offer in a professional manner because your first impression is an important one and will reflect how your employer thinks of you.


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