What to consider before relocation


We all face tough decisions in our lives but I believe one of the hardest is whether or not to relocate for work in the film industry. As reported by John August “Every year, thousands of 20-something guys and girls pack up their cars, leave their beloved suburban towns and head west to Los Angeles”. http://johnaugust.com/2010/moving-to-hollywoo


What if you are not in your twenties and have a family that depends on you? Might not be as simple as it sounds Right? I have researched and found some valuable things to consider as you contemplate your move.

On the positive side a move often will create more opportunities as well as greater growth potential than where you may be at now. Exceptional or expanded exposure is also a possible by product of re-locating. If these are not prominent in your search, it is something you should consider as you pursue a new location for work.

On the negative side moving across town can prove to be costly let alone across the country. Research what the cost of living is in the area you are considering and weigh that against what your earning potential will be. It is also often hard to adjust to being a small fish in a big pond when you were just the big fish in a little pond. Finally, leaving your network of associates that took years to build can leave you feeling like are starting completely from scratch and can appear overwhelming and stressful.


In conclusion, I would like you to consider all of the discussed concerns and benefits and the effect it would have on those who depend on you. Research and take your time making the final decision.


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