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3 Essential Tips to Launching a Video Production Company


Video/Film production is typically a work-for-hire business. Companies or government facilities with video needs typically outsource to freelancers or production companies. In most cases a freelancer would still present themselves as a production company in order to land the job. Since launching a production company sometimes can be intimidating and most artists would prefer to concentrate on the video itself and not the company, here are three expert tips that would help make launching a little easier.

#1 Make a Plan or Plan to Fail. The very first step is to make a business plan. According to Jessica Still of Inc. magazine, one of the top five reasons why startup companies fail is because they have no plan at all. Before launching a production company, decide what type of video the company will produce, the clientele that is interested in that product, and a marketing strategy to reach that clientele. Other factors to be considered are: the equipment that is needed and cost, a contingency fund, and the amount of clients needed to clear a profit in the shortest timeframe.


#2 Protect Your Investment. Incorporate the business, get liability insurance and no “hand shake” deals. As an individual you want to protect your personal assets from anything liability the company may encounter. Starting an LLC, S-Corp or Corporation will separate you personal liability from the company. Obtaining liability insurance will cover the company in most situations that may occur. Every business transaction needs to be documented in a form of a contract that’s professionally drawn by a lawyer. Contracts should cover these key points: payment amount, payment duration, who retains rights to materials, and who is responsible for any other licensing. All talent that is used in production should commit to an agreement, liability waiver and image release to protect your company from future complications.

#3 Create A Unique Brand. The market for video production is saturated with thousands of production companies, but there is room for more with a unique niche. The best way to stand out is to brand your company with the quality that drives it. For example Disney is known for creating a magic experience. Creating a brand consistsa of giving your clients a customer experience that is unique to your brand and staying in front of their minds through marketing. Successful marketing strategies increases brand awareness by highlighting the strong points of the company.


3 Tips to Run a Successful Crowd Funding Campaign

cash-fund-crowd-funding Independent filmmaking can be an expensive hobby. The idea is to get investors involved with your project, so you are not spending your own cash.That is a difficult task for an independent artist. Since 2003 Crowd Funding has been a good method of raising funds for your independent film.


What is crowd funding? It’s a Internet based method for independent artists, including filmmakers, to connect with people who are passionate about their project and are willing to donate money to help development process. Crowd funding started with a company called ArtistShare in 2003. By 2013, crowd funding grew into a $ 5.1 billion industry with companies including KickStarter, IndieGogo and GoFundMe.

As an independent artist you’re probably thinking — how can I get involved in this? It’s simple because starting a crowdfunding campaign is just as easy as starting a social media page. It’s strategic because like anything, it requires a plan and marketing strategy.

After picking the best platform for your project, here are a few campaign building tips sourced from Chance Barnett of Forbes Magazine, to help you get started.

Entertain your potential funders with a great pitch. You are passionate about your project. Transfer that passion to others with an exciting pitch video. Include what the project is, what’s so great about it, and most importantly, the call to action. The call to action asks for the money and tells them the benefits.

The beauty of crowd funding is: unlike traditional investing where the investors receive a piece of the profits, crowd funding investors receive perks/gifts for their donation. For example: you might send them a copy of the DVD or T-Shirt. It’s very important to include the amount needed for perks and the platform percentage in the funding goal total. For example:  your production budget is $10K and your perks will cost you $2K, the platform is going to deduct 5% — your total funding goal should be $12,600.

Engage, Engage, Engage! It’s very important not to make the funding campaign and just let it sit. You have to actually campaign. Best practices include building a social media platform, website, emails, and flyers with a QR code linked to the campaign. Successful campaigns have actually hosted events promoting the project while engaging donors.



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Best Practices To Market a Web Series

Written By Apollo Miller | Director of No Good Deeds


A web series is today’s popular way to reach an audience with content at a low cost. Marketable content should be interesting and engaging to today’s audience. According to author Julie Giles, writer of “How to Build an Audience for Your Web Series”, the content should ride the coattail of a trending topic. This will help engage the audience and then becomes content they are most likely to share.

Although the web consists of over 2 billion users, this doesn’t exactly mean you would instantly have 2 billion viewers. First, the content that is being created needs to be quality and marketable. Once the content is up to par, the most effective practice to market web content is through sharing. A newly developed web series usually doesn’t have a preexisting audience; therefore the best way to market the series is through the friends and family fan base of the actors.

The Power Inside, starring Harvey Keitel.

Don’t let the friends and family fan base of the actors be the first and final stop of your marketing strategy. Next, push the content on media platforms that contain the audience demographic of your series. Platforms such a forums, blogs, and social media sites should link back to the web series embedded on your home page.

Keep track of analytics of your content in order to track the viability of your series. Track more than the number of viewers. Collect data including demographic information such as age group, ethnicity, location and other audience information to help you be more effective as a producer.


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