Best Practices To Market a Web Series

Written By Apollo Miller | Director of No Good Deeds


A web series is today’s popular way to reach an audience with content at a low cost. Marketable content should be interesting and engaging to today’s audience. According to author Julie Giles, writer of “How to Build an Audience for Your Web Series”, the content should ride the coattail of a trending topic. This will help engage the audience and then becomes content they are most likely to share.

Although the web consists of over 2 billion users, this doesn’t exactly mean you would instantly have 2 billion viewers. First, the content that is being created needs to be quality and marketable. Once the content is up to par, the most effective practice to market web content is through sharing. A newly developed web series usually doesn’t have a preexisting audience; therefore the best way to market the series is through the friends and family fan base of the actors.

The Power Inside, starring Harvey Keitel.

Don’t let the friends and family fan base of the actors be the first and final stop of your marketing strategy. Next, push the content on media platforms that contain the audience demographic of your series. Platforms such a forums, blogs, and social media sites should link back to the web series embedded on your home page.

Keep track of analytics of your content in order to track the viability of your series. Track more than the number of viewers. Collect data including demographic information such as age group, ethnicity, location and other audience information to help you be more effective as a producer.


No Good Deeds is a web series



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