3 Easy Tips For Selling Your Show To Netflix



At the beginning of the 21st century,Netflix showed a new dawn of film distribution. I am going to share with you 3 easy tips for getting you movie/show accepted by Netflix.

According to Jason Brubaker, who is a film distribution consultant, the steps are:

Step 1. Verify The Netflix Database

You need to get your title selected for Netflix database before they can make an offer to you.

Step 2.  Increase Queue Demand

Once your title is listed in the database, the next step is to increase the Queue Demand so that Netflix algorithm can determine the value of your title. Queue Demand can be increased by activating your friend base. Running social media campaigns and asking your friends to support you by adding you title to their Netflix queue.


Step 3. Get An Offer

Once you have increased the Demand Queue for your title, a 3rd party or aggregator would approach Netflix for an offer. So now, you should be able to receive an offer from Netflix or they will pass on your title. The offers made by them at this point could be much lower than anticipated.


For more articles written by Jason Brubaker, please visit


The Film distribution business is moving towards online distributors like Netflix. Netflix has opened up new avenues for independent filmmakers. Following these tips will help you get your film on Netflix.


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