How to make start a successful YouTube Channel

How to make start a successful YouTube Channel


YouTube has certainly become a popular way to grow in popularity, make a fan base and quite literally become successful within your home. You can make a channel that plays the media you want for no charge, millions do it and billions watch.


Starting a channel and making it successful doesn’t come easily. With more and more channels being made it becomes that much more difficult to stand out.

What can you do to help the growth of your channel?

  1. Choosing a topic and audience for your channel.

If we take a quick look at a few of the top YouTube channels currently standing you’ll see names like.

Jenna Marbles




Tyler Oakley


Jenna Marbles mainly focuses on humor in relationships and takes what would seem controversial topics and makes light of them.

Smosh is a comedy channel that provides over the top humor with scenarios in our everyday life.

Tyler Oakley is a LGBT activist personality who does interviews and video logs regarding issues in the gay community.

Something that all these channels have in common is how well they fit in with todays pop culture. Relationships and drama will be around as long as we are on this earth. Comedy in everyday life is something we always look for. Equal rights for the gay community has been an ever-popular growing movement. These are all topics people will watch. So if you plan on making a channel on how to model 3-D objects in a program you will only ever attract people in that crowd.

  1. Titles & Thumbnails

This here is one of the most important things you can do to get your videos out there. You don’t want to make a title that is plain and boring such as “Eating Toast”. You want to make it something appealing that will pop out to your audience such as “MY FIRST DATE!” putting that caps lock on never hurts. Thumbnails are the images you see before you click the video, it goes hand in hand with titles. If you have a strong title and thumbnail, there’s no doubt your videos will be successful.

  1. Collaborating

Collaborating with other YouTubers can make your subscriber list skyrocket. If you watch videos from popular uploaders often times you will see guest stars from other channels featured on theirs to help promote and it works. There is no greater promoter on the Internet than word of mouth and that is exactly what is done when you collaborate with other channels.


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