4 Tips To Successfully Finance A Low Resource Film

Do you have the “green dough” to make the next multi million dollar feature? Trust me you’re not the only one out there with a multi million dollar idea but a less than multi million dollar budget. However, there are ways around this financial barrier.

Actors wanted

Step One: Crew Up: Find friends, classmates or whomever you can find that is willing and just as interested in film, to lend you a helping hand in making that film. Also find those aspiring actors and actresses. They will do whatever to get in front of the camera. You help them and they help you; everyone wins.


Step Two: Location: Use locations you have access to…your house, grandma’s house, local YMCA etc. For example the Blair Witch Project was filmed with a cell phone in the woods(the woods were free). There are a number of places that you have access to that would suit your film perfectly you just have dig deep and think. Keep in mind you now have a small crew which means more grandma’s houses.



Step Three: Feed Your People. You’re already not paying them with the green so the least you can do is feed them. Reach out to small local restaurants and family owned restaurants. Let them know that you’re shooting a small student or independent film and you could use any help that they can supply to help feed your crew and cast. If you’re using grandma’s house spend a little money on groceries and make snacks.


Step Four: Use What You Have: Use the equipment that you have access too. Don’t go renting equipment that you cant afford and don’t try to look like you’re doing this big movie when you’re not. If you have an IPhone use it. If you have multiple iPhones on set use them all. Need a dolly shot use a computer chair, or grandma’s wheel chair (if she’s not using it of course), need to block out sunlight throw up some blankets. The point is your house is filled with the resources you need to get the job done. So what does this all mean?

Crew and Cast= $0


Food=$0 – $25

Equipment= $0


Production Cost= Possible


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