Three Ways School has Already Prepared You for Your First Job

So you’re soon to be graduated and now you’re entering the job hunt. The task of securing your first job post graduation can feel daunting, maybe even scary. Here are three reasons your academic experience has already prepared your transition into the professional work force.

 You Have Learned How to Learn

We are learning the language of the industry and building both theory and practical knowledge bases to apply to our professional careers. But sometimes the learning isn’t about the what, it’s about the how.

The reality is that despite everything you learn in school, you will still inevitably be clueless when it comes to certain elements of your new job. This is perfectly normal. Some level of training will almost always accompany your new job. An education is about “learning how to learn” just as much as it is about learning the material itself. Academic rigor has conditioned you to meet the challenges of your new job.

You Changed Your Mind in School, You’ll Likely Change It Again

It is highly unlikely you will land your dream job right out of graduation. There are only so many opportunities, and the competition can be fierce. But it is important that you still take some kind of job regardless, even if it’s not a perfect fit.

Think about how many times you changed your mind in school about what type of job you wanted. Maybe you wanted to be a producer, but you discovered an unexpected passion and talent for post-production editing? Or maybe being a director wasn’t what you thought it would be.

These self-discoveries will occur during your professional career as well. You never know how you’ll respond to something until you try it. Be open-minded about jobs that may lie outside your personal ambitions or comfort level.

You Already Have A Network of Contacts- Use Them!

Your fellow classmates are in the same job hunting boat. A job that may not be a fit for them may be a great fit for you, and vice versa. Stay in touch with them, you can tip each other off about opportunities.

In the same vein, stay in touch with your course instructors. They have industry experience and may have former industry contacts looking to hire.

Lastly, the Career Development center is a resource for job seeking Full Sail alumni – take advantage of it!

In conclusion, leaving the academic world and entering the professional world can be an intimidating experience. But remember that your school experiences have already instilled in you the tools you need to not only survive your first job, but to flourish in it.


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