Relocation After School


With graduation pending and the job market more challenging than ever the question arises; Where to find a job? Personally I have gone left when others went right and putting my energy into another person’s projects does not sit well with me. I would rather use the creative drive and energy into my own projects. So for me I will not actively seek a job working for another unless its freelance. I desire to forge my own destiny being an independent filmmaker.

The first option for me is to remain in Orlando. To be a true maverick independent film maker. The last option is for me. With a family based here and several actors that I have had the pleasure of befriending Orlando is the perfect spot for me to take my destiny into my own hands

However for those who do not have that drive or ability to be an independent filmmaker the first location that comes to mind looking for a job is Los Angeles. This is where all the big companies are and that’s where Hollywood is. The largest production companies, soundstages, media companies are located here so naturally ones mind would gravitate to where the money is. This being said LA is expensive with the average medium rent for a one bedroom being over $1600 ( Additionally the average income to live independently is $38,000.

Another hub for the entertainment business is New York City. While New York is the fashion capital and home of television, the movie industry has made resurgence thanks to Disney acquiring Marvel Entertainment. Marvel Comics is based in New York and naturally most of Marvels character property/events take place in NYC as well. This makes NYC a vibrant prospect to pursue a career in film. The down side of this location is like Los Angeles, NYC is expensive with the average rent over $1800 a month.

The last location I would consider is Atlanta. With tax incentives ATL is booming. Turner Media Group recently put one of its productions wings to be headquartered in Atlanta and you can find several media outlets with a major presence there along with Tyler Perry Studios. Cost of living is lower than both LA and NYC.

Charles Haskins


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