Before Moving To LA: BE PREPARED!

Moving to LA is a big commitment. However, if you’re going to make the big jump make sure to keep these three things in mind.


First: Stability Is Key

You want to make sure that you are financially stable because it’s not the cheapest place to be. When you’re in LA it’s best to have your own car. Nothing in LA is close. Paying for a taxi can really start to add up while traveling back and forth to sets and locations. That being said it’s also a good idea to live around where you’re planning to work. LA has a lot of great things, but traffic isn’t one of them.


Next: Networking

LA is the place of dreamers. Everywhere you go you’ll find people that have a lot of the same interests as you.  With that in mind, networking is a great way to make friendships and make connections. Maybe they have equipment that you don’t, or maybe where they lack is your strong point. Either way the people surrounding you are going to become your best asset. This is a great way to build a team and work on independent films. If things go great you can even start a production company, who knows!


Finally: Get To Work

If you’re looking to work for big productions LA has plenty. You have Warner Brothers Studio, Paramount Pictures Studio, Universal Studios and more! It’s great to start sending in resumes now and setting up interviews. There are films that are being worked on every single day in LA. If you cant get a paid position volunteer, no one turns down free labor. However, if you can’t get into the big productions you should always have a plan B that you can start with to help build yourself up.

With all of this in mind make the move to get your dream job just be prepared!


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