It’s everyone’s wish to get a job immediately they finish their college education. Some students are lucky to get advice from their career department put in place to help them venture into their desired careers. Below are tips on how you can earn a spot in your dream company or organization.



I once met Director of photography Paul Mayne. He narrated how a simple internship led to his dream career job. Many people don’t know that being an intern in a company or organization that you have been envying for a long time, might just earn you a job.


But on the other hand, it’s good to do a case study of the organization, before accepting an internship especially if its unpaid. Weigh your options by looking at the past records of the interns. If the company has a high percentage of interns working free for them, but hires only one or two, then you need to look for other options because your chances of getting hired are minimal.


Sometimes you take it for granted, but the people who you interact occasionally with, might be of great help when you are looking for your first job after college. So how many networking events have you attended and how many people who own or work for the companies you admire have you talked to?


If none, then you need to pull up your socks and attend as many networking events as you can. If you have then keep communicating with them since some might realize your passion and desire for your career field and probably hook you up with a job.

3.Don’t follow the crowd

Trust and believe in yourself. Don’t do something because your friends are doing. A good example is that most people always talk about moving to LA or New York after college, because that’s where the money is. Yes that’s where the money is, but have you thought of yourself first before moving there? Good jobs are everywhere and if you look around, you will definitely find the right job that you have been dreaming of. Never wait to make people know of your creative ideas.


Writing articles or blogs about what those companies do, might just land you a job or internship. Companies always pay attention to what people say about them. If they like your ideas, then they might hire you.

These are three simple tips that could lead to your first job, but there are ways more. Go for the right tips for your first job.

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