Steps To Take After Graduating From Film School


After graduation from grad school, it is important staying on top of what is going on in the film industry. Joining the most popular movie database like IMDB would be a helpful resource in movie, television programs and contacting agents and production houses directly. Reading film related magazines and websites like Variety and Hollywood Reporter would be encouraging to stay knowledgeable about your field of interest. Exchanging information with your former classmates and others that are in the film industry for comparison.


Networking is a key resource to stay in contact with your classmates for updates and the latest in trends of moviemaking. Networking with new people can provide fresh ideas and new friendships. Your Professor at Film School might be a friend with someone who is producing a movie and can assist you with getting in touch with them.


Developing your own projects will help you in obtaining valuable experience. You will have a project to show to prospective employers or investors. You can try and convince someone to fund your project, which is still in development to help your career get a jumpstart.


Freelancing is always an avenue to put your time and energy in. Self employed and choosing whom your short time employer will be is a great choice until you land a more permanent job. Stay up to date with all major changes with camera equipment and new software. Apply for entry-level jobs they can be crucial elements in your career path in the film industry. If you apply these things you’ll find it easier to find job.


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