Tips on using LinkedIn

My recent visit with my student advisor had led to some really interesting tips regarding linked in for job hunting and even more interesting about how one can gear up for it.

The first step is finding the company you want to work for on LinkedIn. Let’s for example just use the company Blizzard Entertainment. Simply search for them under jobs.


After you find their page you’ll see on the right how it says 3,478 Employees on LinkedIn. This is where you want to click next. LinkedIn is a website about people and it’s the people inside we want to get to know.


When on the next page we’ll want to look on the left side of the page and go down to the category school. Click the “+Add” button and type in Full Sail University. Having done that we have now cut down the three thousand plus employees to twenty nine potential contacts.


From here you may want to send out a few connect request depending on the department you are looking for. I found a particular Camera Operator who works within the company. From there I searched him on Google and found his demo reel and current resume. There is no better way to know what a business is looking for in a resume, than to see the ones that landed jobs within the company.

By using a few tools in the search criteria LinkedIn is a very powerful tool to use to help research your future employers and find out what others have done to get hired.


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