“15 Minutes… 6 Second of Fame”

Vine Logo Money

7.25 per hour and 8 hours of work are not the labor conditions for Vine stars like Brittany Furlan or LeJuan_James. Their 6-second videos uploads, are worth more than a fun time in the afternoon. Furlan can make up to 43,500 in a 6 second shout out to brands like Benefit Cosmetics and Trident, according to New Media Rockstar. Unlike the expression of Andy Warhol of 15 minutes of fame, user LeJuan_James has been doing vines for almost a year, with a rising fan base (over 400K folowers). The Internet sensation that identifies himself as a Puerto Rican and Dominican has a partnership with Honda.

You can also try you luck and turn your 6-second features in to your source income for life. According the NMR, there are simple ways (done by stars) that you are able to make money: Brand Deals, Appearances and Merch. The first technique consists of a monetary sponsorship from brand to a user, in order for the person to give a shout out or “revine” in the name of the brand.

Once you have made a solid fan base, you can charge to host a segment in a live show, convention or even music videos; which is the case of Vine-sensation Sione Maraschino, who was a special guest dancer in the Megan Trainer video (All About at that base). The vine artist is guest in a second music video and he is making deals to appear in a third one (The Daily Dot).

Finally, there is the merchandise way. Which is basically making your own branded merchandise. As Evan DeSimone exposes, a perfect example of this would be the case of Cameron Dallas who has a store with assorted articles with his image engraved on to them.

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How does it help filmmakers?

Creating and maintaining a good vine channel can help you build an audience. It seem to work for team at 5 Second Films, who are on their way to making their first feature film “Dude Bro Party Massacre 3”. The artistic endeavors to make a good a Vine video it’s being recognize by the film community. From festivals like the Tribeca’s 6 Second Film category, to big names in Hollywood like directors David Lynch and James Mangold.

In conclusion, starting in a small scale may not be such a bad idea. Six-second videos could be the start as a new source fro funding you next movie, your ticket to build a fan base or the best way to start competing in film festivals. Challenging your creativity in order to tell a story in 6 seconds can be your way to start your more-than 15 minutes of fame.

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