Tips on how to make successful movie reviews on Youtube


Youtube is a video sharing website that was launched in 2005. In 2006, Google bought Youtube for 1.65 billion dollars. This day and age there are people making uploading content on Youtube about a range of different topics.


Youtube users have become popular with subscribers and views for their videos that Youtube is making these users partners. This means that these partners can get paid real money based on the views of their videos. The strategy of partners to get paid is based on Ads put on videos.


There are two different types of Ads that are on Youtube videos. Cost per click which is when the advertiser pays money for the amount of clicks on the video. For example the advertisers will pay three dollars per click on a video. There is also cost per view, which is when the advertiser pays money based on views. Someone would have to watch the ad for at least 30 seconds or half of it in order for the advertiser to pay.


There are some Youtubers who make videos about critiquing a film that has recently been released or is about to be released. Some of these Youtubers have become successful through their content on film reviews. These successful reviews will bring more people to the theaters. Here are some tips on how you can become successful telling your reviews about films.

  1. Personality


If you have seen popular Youtubers, you see they’ve gained popularity through their personality. It is important to be your own person, show people how you can be unique. No one likes a copycat in the Youtube world. You must have good stage presence and public speaking skills.

  1. Passion


When a person is watching a film review from a Youtuber and sees their passion for movies and their love for going to the movies, they will trust the person who is giving the review. If there is no passion present the viewer will simply ignore what their opinion is about the film they are talking about.

  1. Knowledge


It is important to do your research about the topic you will be talking about before filming a video and uploading it. The viewers are looking for a video from someone who knows what they are talking about. It is important to research, have confidence, and be honest with your opinion. For example there are some film critics on Youtube who have a background in film. People are mostly likely to watch and listen to their opinions since they have the knowledge about film.

Chris Stuckmann has a Youtube channel where he gives movie reviews to his viewers. Chris has a up to 400k subscribers and gets up to 1 million views on his videos.

Chris Stuckmann’s Youtube channel-


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