By: Stephanie Vernet 

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This means more work for filmmakers, talent, and of course more money for the box offices.  Straight Out of Compton; The biopic about the iconic rap group N.W.A smashed box-office history with a $60.2 million dollar debut. It was the biggest opening for an R-rated film this August. The release date was a wise choice for Universal considering the uncertainty for results for a film like this one with so much controversy within. The budget was $28 million, and despite of the small picture edit error in one scene people are still headed to the movies to watch this epic story.

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It looks like hip-hop fans may be infatuated with dead rappers like Tupac Shakur, Eazy-E and Notorious BIG.

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Films about dead iconic hip-hop rappers started to sprinkle in film back in 2009 with the Biggie Smalls biopic “Notorious” which only took $20 million dollars to make. The film ended up doubling the budget amount in box office sales world-wide, grossing $44,371,751 million dollars with 83% of that coming directly from our domestic movie goers. The movie didn’t do as well as expected but considering inflation and its coming out right after the holiday’s, it did pretty well for its budget.

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I mention Tupac because it had been rumored before that Director John Singleton was working on the biopic. let us know back in April of 2005 that Singleton told XXL he has hit the pause button on this project. Singleton stated, “I’m a Very passionate person who wants to make the movie I want to make. Tupac’s soul would come back to haunt my ass if it wasn’t done right”.

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Of course it isn’t only the dead rappers biopic’s that are making history in box office sales, but right now that’s what the hip-hop lovers want. The movie 8 mile grossed $242,875,078 worldwide, with 51% of that coming from the foreign box offices on a $41 million dollar budget, released in November of 2002. Of course Eminem isn’t dead but who wouldn’t want to see how a crazy white boy made it in and out of the hood? – It was different, and…interesting. I predict Straight out of Compton to gross just as much world-wide, if not more.

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Biopic Films about hip-hop rappers are going to be big for a while because people want to see them. They weren’t doing too good before Eminem or after Biggie. Straight Out of Compton has given hip-hop artists and their family’s hopes for movie deals. I wouldn’t be surprised if Meek Mill gets his movie debut next year.

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Who knows, maybe I’ll be behind the camera apart of that production.

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-September 9, 2015







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