Could you ever imagine the power to create a professional looking film in the palm of your hands? iPhone has made that dream possible. I’ve never imagined that, as an Independent Filmmaker, I could shoot an entire feature or a short film with the same device I use to call my mom.


In 2013 Apple tried to improve the quality of its camera phone with the iPhone 5s to allow the independent director Sean Baker to shoot a feature length film called “Tangerine.” This movie was a hit at the Sundance Film Festival that year.

Now, we can buy a 4k camera with the iPhone 6s. Which means that you can have a 4.55 ounces smartphone in your pocket ready to shoot a 4K feature. Ryot, the production company, bought it the first day that it was available to shoot the first short film with iPhone 6s in Haiti called “The Painter of Jalouzi.” Darg, a Ryot’s co-founder and one of the filmmakers said in an article in Ryot’s website: “In a relatively short amount of time, we went from terrible pixelated phone photos, to this, which is just as good as cameras that cost tens of thousands of dollars.”


This is a great opportunity for independent filmmaker to shoot good quality films with a small budget and with not much heavy equipment. Even thought, you still needing some of the lengths and stabilizers, you wont spend more than $1,300 comparing to regular DSLR, which is the cost of just the body of the camera.

Three years ago these types of camera phones were used just to shoot family videos. But, one more time, technology has taught us that nothing is impossible. This powerful tool will give us the chance to create cinematic films with low budgets as long as you pay your phone plan.

BTS of The Painter of Jalouzi” BTS of The Painter of Jalouzi


By Amy Sulbaran & Sylvia Monterroso


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