Go Big Or Go Pro!

Don’t have a lot of money in your pocket book, but big dreams of shooting a film? Use a GoPro. Today’s film industry is looking for ways to cut cost on the overall budget of their films. Many directors are using smaller and less expensive cameras to shoot their films. The most popular one being used is the GoPro.

The film Unfriended directed by Levan Gabriadze was shot entirely on GoPros. The use of the GoPro kept the overall cost of the film down as well as giving them versatility in the shots they wanted. The shots for this film were suppose to simulate a computer laptop camera and were achieved easy with the use of the GoPro.

Ouija, a similar horror was shot on the Arri Alexa. It is a much bigger camera and more expensive. Looking at Ebay, you can purchase the Arri Alexa Plus body for $28,000, but the GoPro Hero 4 goes for $385. Also Unfriended was more profitable overall. Unfriended had a $1 million dollar budget, and grossed $62 million, while Ouija had a $5 million dollar budget, and only grossed $50 million.

Other big budget films have used GoPro for certain sequences of the film because of the versatility of them. Need for Speed and Furious 7 both used GoPros to capture footage for some of their car chases and other action sequences. They were able to attach the GoPro to the cars easily and made it more time efficient than a larger camera. Also they were able to use multiple cameras in different spots of the cars in order to capture many different angles at once.

The use of the GoPro is making film making easier, cheaper and more versatile for independent filmmakers to make a mark in the film industry.

By: Tia Salajan and Tori Abram-Copenhaver


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