Why Web Series?

Is making a web series worth the risk? What is a web series? According to dictionary.com it’s a collection of short films that form an over all story and are distributed on the web.Rocket Jump Logo

One example is Rocket Jumps Video Game High school. It’s currently on its third season and going strong. A Web series can even get picked up by a larger company. For instance, High Maintenance was on Vimeo and got picked up by HBO. You can read the full story by following the link below.

(High Maintenance )

Some web series are sold in box sets after they were released for free. A good example of this is Roosterteeth’s Red vs Blue a Machinma web series based off of the video game series Halo.
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Backstage.com points out that fact that anyone can pretty much make a web series if you know what you are doing. They state if you keep it short, cast appropriately and stay within your budget you can get it done with just a little hard work.

In closing sure, it might be a risk to start a web series but, if it’s a low budget one that a big company picks up isn’t that worth the risk? If the web series that are doing well out there are any indication the evidence seems to say yes.

Blog By Ryan Shane


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(High Maintenance )



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