Moving to Atlanta to Pursuit a Career in Film Making

Have you fallen into the hype of moving to Atlanta because of the increase in opportunities in film? Do you dream of working on big blockbuster film sets or in television? Well, here are good reasons why Atlanta is one of the best destinations to break into the industry.

LA and New York City have long been considered the places to be to pursue a career in filmmaking. All the major studios, networks, jobs, and contacts have always been there. It’s no secret that LA and NY are very expensive places to live. Arriving to a city where the cheapest rent you are going to find is around $2,000 (for a studio where you could barely fit your bed) is very discouraging.

The expense of living in Atlanta compared to LA and New York City is considerably lower. The estimated $2000 that you would spend on rent in these bigger cities would take you a long way in Atlanta. The cost of rent for a one-bedroom apartment in a fairly good location is around $1000. When comparing prices you could also pay for food, gas, insurance, and other life essentials with the extra $1000 you saved.

For a few years now Atlanta has been gaining attention in the film industry. They are taking advantage of hiring local residents for crew on their films. This is a great deal because they won’t have to fly in unionized crew from other areas.

Even if you relocate to the area with little to no experience in film, the Atlanta Mayor, Kasim Reed, along with the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees Local (IATSE) are launching a program called the City of Atlanta Entertainment Training Program.

This program is a job-training program that focuses on helping the film industry build a talent pool of trained below-the-line workers. The areas that they primarily focus on are animation, cinematography, editing, make-up, post-production, and visual effects. With no cost or liability to the production companies, the City of Atlanta’s Workforce Development Agency will train qualified applicants for 17 weeks and pay them wages for the length of the program. Once they are accepted into the program the IATSE Local 479 will transition the trainees into the film industry through a two-day workshop and work with production to place trainees on set.

Moving to Atlanta is smart choice for beginning filmmakers. All the information that you need to know can be easily accessible at the websites below.

Post By Brittney McPherson, and Hernan Zuleta.












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