Miami: The New Hot Place for Young Filmmakers


Since 2014 the Miami audiovisual industry has being in an accelerated growth, and it is becoming the “Next Big Thing” for young filmmakers. Miami has more than 50 production companies located in the city, and movies such as “Bad Boys 3” scheduled to film in the streets of Miami. It is a great destination for young filmmakers who don’t want to move all the way to LA to compete with thousands of other professionals for a spot in the entertainment industry.

Some of the projects the city is developing right now might sound appealing to young and adventurous filmmakers, especially the ones graduating from an entertainment university in Florida. These are some of the projects launching in Miami:

  • Telemundo and their new Studio Telemundo signed a $400 million deal for a newly built international headquarters and TV studio in West Miami. This initiative of the company is expected to produce hundreds of new jobs in the television industry. The studio will be used as a soap opera production set, morning talk show and for other live productions.


  • Viacom, the entertainment group whose properties include Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and MTV, announced New Movie and TV Production Studio in Downtown Miami. Redevelopment Agency funded the project, and confirmed it will be one of the largest film studios in South Florida. This studio will also generate hundreds of jobs for its projects such as TV series, concerts and segments filmed off site.


  • Miami-Dade’s Office of Film and Entertainment launched Production Assistant Sign-up Program: This initiative helps match entertainment productions to those interested in entry level Production Assistant (PA) positions. Graduates from in-state colleges and universities that offer film programs are encouraged to participate, this sign program is for a full-time paid position

According to Chris Cooney, co-owner of EUE/Screen Gems Studio, “Miami offers a seasoned film community and experienced crew. The locations here are like no other in the country, and the Hollywood community is very aware of the assets Florida offers”

Miami is spending $6 million in improvements for the city in an area, which is now known as the Media and Entertainment District.

“As more productions see that Miami is serious about attracting the industry and that it has state-of-the-art facilities to accommodate major projects, the industry will be enhanced across the board,” says Miami Omni CRA chairman Marc D. Sarnoff.

So next time you think about your after graduation destinations such as Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta… You should add Miami to the list of cities where you can grow as an entertainment industry professional.

Andrea Alibrandi Garcia


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