YouTube; Opening The Doors

Written by Amanda Bovea


Many young filmmakers struggle with how to get their films distributed. They will go through the complete process of pre-production to post, but don’t think about the after until much later. After all is said and done, young filmmakers are left with the question “ What now?”


That’s where YouTube comes in. YouTube has grown from a platform used for political statements and silly cat videos to a platform that has given a launch pad to many young filmmakers. The ways views are tapped are completely organic; word of mouth and shares via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms bring attention to the content on YouTube.


A lot of young people have major FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Millennial’s want to get the most out of life, but for most, it’s not economically possible. That’s where vlogging, a style of filmmaking that has been on the rise recently, comes into play.


Casey Neistat, a YouTube pioneer with almost two million subscribers, is one of the most viewed daily content creators, creating daily lifestyle vlogs that have garnered a substantial following. Constantly pushing the boundaries with innovations and downright creativity, his mantra and style can be seen often imitated by the young and naïve. Neistat’s Get To Work attitude has significantly shaped the platform for young filmmakers. You can see him preaching that constantly creating content is the only way we can grow as young filmmakers all over his channel.

YouTube is a great platform. It is an open stage, but it’s your job to fill the seats. Whether you choose to use Neistat’s route of daily films, or spend months creating one piece, YouTube will continue to be a great launching pad.


For more about Casey check out his links below;



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