5 ways to insure your Crowdfunding Campaign works

5 ways to insure your Crowdfunding Campaign works

By Adam Bissett

With crowd funding becoming one of the biggest ways to finance an independent film, how do you make sure that you campaign is successful?

Lets face it Crowd funding is hard. But if you work hard at it you can successfully finance your film. If you think that Crowd funding is the way to go for you, here are 5 tips that you may want to look at before you begin.

1. EMAIL  

You have to get your idea out there. People are not going to be interested in your project if you cant show them that you believe in it. Start off small with a few emails every day, and expand upon that. Keep your emails short and to the point. Also, make them personal. People like to feel that they are important to the project, make them feel that way.

email-data-blue-ss-1920-800x4502. Research

Research creative way to get your project out there. Find what your audience wants and give to them. If for example you are remaking Nosferatu, have someone dress as the Vampire and run around town. Share stories that go along with this, to keep people talking. Also find blogs, businesses, networks, and other places that is going to help your project grow.


3. Updates

People like to be kept in the loop. Do not just get the money and run. Continue to provide updates about the project. Share behind the scenes videos and pictures. Show them what they have contributed toward.

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4. Social media

With social media becoming the biggest way of communication, make sure to use it. Be sure to have a page for your project. Make it interesting to keep people talking about your film. This is one of the best ways to insure to keep an ever growing network, and followers.


5. Make it fun

Films are hard work. But all work and no play can make it dull and boring. Make sure to do things to keep it interesting and fun for the funders. Hold events like panels, Q & A’s, or parties. Get the people out and talking. Make sure they feel like they are a part of making your dream a reality.


With these 5 steps you can be sure that your Crowd funding campaign well be set apart form the rest. Be sure to have it all planned out, and above all have fun with it. Remember, making movies is hard work, but if you don’t have fun doing it, then it’s just another job.

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