3 ways to get the best sound on set

  1. Figure out the proper sound devices you will need for recording your particular film. Using a directional shotgun mic and boom pole is highly recommended for your shoots. With the shotgun mic and boom pole you can get to close to the actors/talent so you can focus on capturing a particular source. The Tascam and Zoom field recorders are also good devices to use. You are able to use their internal microphones and connect an external one. However, this may be out of your price range for beginning filmmakers.


  1. Are you going to be shooting on a soundstage or out on location? It is just as important for an audio team to do a tech scout out on location where the production is planning shoot to listen for any sound problems. Traffic noise, airplanes, air conditioning, and any nature sounds could affect the quality of your recording.


  1. Mic placement is also a factor that will determine the outcome of your recordings. Placing the microphone too far away from your actor or talent will resulting you to crank up the gain on the mix bored, which will capturer unwanted noise, such as more background noise. Make sure you place the mic as close to your actor/talent as you possibly can without having it show up on frame.


These 3 steps will assist you on capturing the best sound for your production. Production is the most important stage for recording sound. Some issues can be fixed in post-production, however it will serve you and your post sound mixer better by nipping these issues in bud early by recording the best sound on set.



http://www.scarycow.com/lowbudgetaudio/ Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 1.21.30 PM


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