Several Things You Should Consider When You Choose Video Editing Software

By Jingyi Qi

As the computer technic improves everyday, everyone can get started with video editing quickly. There are various software programs that can be chosen. Here are several tips that you should consider when you choose a video editing software.


There are a lot of free editing software nowadays. They all have their own strong points. However, comparing with priced software, you may find some weakness. Therefore, if you have a certain budget, you could consider the following software,

Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, and AVID Media Composer. You can get Final Cut Pro for $299.99 in Mac App Store. For Adobe and AVID, there are several different choices. Either you can purchase Premiere alone for $19.99 per month as an annual plan, or you can get all the apps in Creative Cloud for $49.99 per month as an annual plan. Also, you can get the perpetual license of AVID Media Composer with annual upgrade plan for $1299, or $34.97 or $37.46 per month which depends on the agreement.

2.Operating System


This is a simple consideration. Depends on your computer system, you may need to choose different software. Some software can support for different operating systems. Both Adobe Premiere and AVID Media Composer can be used in Mac and Win. If you fall in love with Mac system and Apple products, Final Cut Pro and iMovie may be a good choice. There is also a lot of software that only work for Windows system.



Since more and more people involved into editing world, software engineers try to make editing software easier to learn and more users friendly. Comparing Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, and AVID Media Composer, Final Cut Pro is the easiest one for me, but Premiere is my favorite. If you use Adobe Apps as often as me, Premiere is very suitable. Dynamic Link between Adobe software support creative activities strongly. Real feature film use AVID Media Composer a lot. AVID looks more difficult than other two. However, once you get use of the tools in AVID, you will find it works well.

All above is the basic consideration for choosing editing software. You should also think what do you need and which fits you most. Hope these little tips can help you when you choose your video editing software.


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