5 Interview Tips for the Entertainment Industry

By Gabriel Iath & Eduardo Avila.

The crucible of the job search is the interview. Even if you know the person who’s hiring, it’s a formality that all the job applicants have to undertake. Here are five interview tips that will help you hit it out of the park.

1 – Break the ice!

Shipping Season Opens

Author and co-founder of “Just for Laughs” Andy Nulman writes that it’s vital to break the ice in the first 90 seconds of meeting the employer. By doing so, you have a much better chance of having a smooth interview and leaving a great impression. Small talk is your friend, but remember to talk about subjects that aren’t controversial. Talk about something industry related like box office numbers, films in development, new TV shows, and executive decisions.

2 – Know your employer.

People Harvey Weinstein

It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised by the amount of people that walk into an interview without knowing anything about the company. Employers have dozens of candidates for that opening, and you are just wasting everyone’s time if you don’t do your research. Here’s a useful way to display your knowledge, according to author Jenny Martin: “(…)as I’m walking you out of the lobby, gesture to the giant posters of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on the way and say, “IMDB says you guys have a sequel in the works,” and I know you know how to prep for an interview. I’m already glad I met with you and we haven’t even gotten to my office!”

3 – Sound confident.

Ayrton Senna

This is more of a general note for interviews: if you sound like you know what you’re talking about, people will perceive you as a knowledgeable person. Don’t go too far or you can sound pretentious and even fake. Sounding confident is key to making a great impression and having people remember you. Don’t confuse it with sounding confident about subjects you have no knowledge about. People in hiring positions can see right past your fake confidence.

4 – Tell a story.

Molly Maguires

Employers will generally go over your resume then ask you to tell a story that proves that you have the necessary skillset for the job. Come prepared! The story you will tell will vary based on the position you’re interviewing for, keep that in mind. For example: if you’re interviewing for a director of photography position, a good story would be how you successfully lit a scene with minimal equipment. The key to these stories is displaying how you overcame an obstacle in order to succeed.

5 – Tell the employer you WANT the job.

Michel Temer

Many people assume that because they took the interview it means the employer knows they want the job. It might be the case, but verbally communicating it reinforces that you’re actively pursuing a job with that company. After the interviewer has finished talking, tell him how excited you are for this opportunity and that you would love to work there.




Photos from the AP


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