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Is Your Movie Worth Making?

By Michael Harris & Ulysees Turner


First-time film students attend school full of movie ideas they want to see on the big screen. The thought of seeing their vision come to life makes them excited, but there is always that doubtful question in the back of their minds. Is my movie worth making? If you’ve had these thoughts, don’t worry you’re not alone. Being a beginner means just that, you’re a beginner. Finding the confidence to go forward with your film can be hard, but preparing yourself can get rid of those insecurities.


If your worried if people will watch your movie, you shouldn’t. Most beginners scratch their ideas because they feel it’s too boring, too complicated, or even too cheesy. A wise man once said that if you build it they will come. If you like your movie and show how passionate you are about it, then people will be interested as well.

You might also be worried that your ideas have already been taken. Something you should know about movies is that everything has already been made, and being original is challenging. If you feel like your movie is too similar, then make it your own. Everyone has a different way to tell a story. Knowing yourself and what you’ve been inspired by can help shape a single vision that is yours. In a sense, it’s paying homage to those films that you’ve been inspired by.


Now that you’ve been built upon your confidence, how do you know if your idea is worth making? The answer is simple, pitch it. If people respond to it, you probably have a winner. If not, then you shouldn’t take it personally, just go back and rework it or move on to the next idea. Learning to take constructive criticism and being flexible is an easy way to make your ideas come to life.