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How Chinese elements in American films impact the market in China By Yun Li and Haoran Zhang

Chinese film box office gross occupies a big part in foreign box office of American film. American films can attract Chinese audiences if they add more Chinese elements such as culture, talents and filmmakers. The film is the art of culture and communication, also it is the way that director brings perspective to audience. If audiences can take away more familiar elements which are close to them, they will be more willing to see it on big screen. In fact, “ The Chinese movie market is on pace to surpass North American’s as the world’s largest next year, after growing an astounding 48.7 percent to hit $6.78 billion in 2015”(According to The Hollywood Reporter).


With more and more American films into Chinese market, it absorbs a bunch of Chinese filmmakers and actors jump into United States film industry, which will bring some new blood and variety cultures for Hollywood.


Chinese film industry develops very fast. Especially in last ten years, the whole film industry and industries related film such as media, entertainment, merchandise, education are all have a great improvement. China is a big country, not only the acreage, population, and society, but also she well known as the develop of culture, market and economy. China has a lot of film studios, companies and theaters, all of these conditions are considered as a part of business market.


Collaborating with Chinese film industry, business is a trend in Hollywood movie market. Recently, films include The Independent day 2, Now You See Me 2, Martian, and Warcraft are all have their Premiere in China. Also Hollywood directors starts to cast Chinese actors in their movie, such as Jackie Chan, Ziyi Zhang, Li Gong, Jay Zhou. And lots of film chose shooting locations in China which is great way introduce China landscape.


Furthermore, Adding more Chinese elements into American films can boost more American films approved by Chinese government. Because China has strict policy on film distribution, export, and import, it contains a lot of requirements, such as politics, culture, film rate, language, motif. Without doubts, almost every Chinese element in American films is positive, which will definitely encourage and increase government import more Hollywood films. The culture and business cooperation are the double win effect for US and China.